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How to Write a Successful Sports Article


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How to Write a Successful Sports Article

First, know your subject. You are writing a sports article, so it is vital that you understand the game and players, as well as their personal lives and off-field activities. You can do this by observing the players, watching them practice, talking to coaches and team leaders and interviewing people who know them off the field or court.

Be a fan of the sport you’re writing about. This can help you craft a story that readers will find fascinating. If you’re a baseball writer, for example, try to learn the lingo of your favorite team and how to pronounce the names of the players.

Start with a strong lead (the sports-writing term for the opening line)

The first few lines of any piece of writing are often critical to the success of the piece. Your lead should be brief, direct and provide the most important information about your subject. It should entice the reader to keep reading and give them enough info to decide whether or not to read further.

Write an Advance Story

Developing a good advance story is crucial in any type of writing, but it’s especially important when covering sports. For instance, a baseball writer may need to plan ahead for the spring training season or write about how to replace an injured star player.

Develop a compelling feature or profile

The best sports articles are about people and their lives, so make sure to mention the big names. You’ll want to include names of major stars, their personal details and career highlights, as well as the team’s record and performance over the years.

Cover a local event

A great way to get started on your first sports article is by attending a local sporting event. Not only will you be able to observe the games and interview players, but you’ll also have access to parents and fans who are eager to hear about their favorite teams.